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Build Strength & Muscle

When my client reached out to me, she wanted to build strength and muscle through a consistent routine, and lose a little bit of weight that she had gained over the years. She was walking a lot and doing pilates, but it wasn’t changing her body. She was struggling to build a consistent routine on her own. She had the discipline to get the workouts done, but she didn’t know what the right workouts for her goals were. This uncertainty kept her from taking action. 

Small Tweaks

She also had a lot of social events and vacations, and she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get results without sacrificing those things. I assured her she didn’t have to give anything up, we just had to make a few small tweaks.

Workout Plan

I created a 4x a week workout program for her, that focused on strength training and the body parts she wanted to work on. We added a bit of low intensity cardio and increased her step goal. I put her in a moderate calorie deficit and increased her protein. We checked in once a week on our 1:1 coaching calls, and kept track of her progress with photos and measurements.

On our coaching calls, we discussed a game plan for how to stay on track when she had social events and travel plans, without having fomo. She had a big sweet tooth, so it was important that we incorporated desserts to curb her cravings and prevent binges. 

This transformation took three months. She lost a total of 11 lbs, 2.5 inches off her waist, and 2 inches off her hips. I am so proud of her hard work and dedication! She looks and feels amazing! I have kept in touch with her since then, and she has been able to maintain her results even a year later, because of the tools she learned in my program. 

The Results

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11 ibs down while eating dessert everyday