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I help busy career women get their dream bodies without giving up their social lives.

fitness trainer, Coach, & Nutritionist

sam toscano

Sam helps busy women build confidence and get their dream bodies without giving up their social lives or spending hours in the gym. She has been teaching women how to lift weights and eat properly for their goals for four years. She has helped over fifty women get results and keep them off. Sam is different from other coaches because she had her own weight loss journey, so she has been in your shoes. It’s important to have a coach that understands where you’re at right now, so they can empathize with your struggles and work around them.

Sam looks at the whole picture, not just workouts and weight loss. In her programs, you’ll work on building new habits, changing your old mindset that isn’t serving you, and anything else that could impact results. This includes work related stress, hormone imbalances, and more. Sam’s programs are built to teach you the tools you need to maintain your results for life, so you don’t have to rely on a coach ever again. 

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