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Create a Sustainable Routine

When my client first came to me in July, her main goal was to create a sustainable routine where exercise was part of her regular life. She wanted to build better habits, lose fat, build muscle, and regain her confidence. She had gained 20 lbs in the past few years, and wanted to lose the weight because it was really affecting the way she felt. She also wanted shopping for clothes and dating to be more enjoyable.

Needed Accountability

She was struggling to get results on her own because she needed accountability and had a hard time maintaining habits. She had an incredibly demanding job, where she had to work long hours and go out to eat or get drinks multiple times a week entertaining clients. This was in addition to a bustling social life. She felt overwhelmed doing it all on her own, so she reached out to me.

Custom Programming

I created a custom workout program for her that included 4 strength training workouts a week, plus a daily step goal. She was extremely dedicated to her workouts and very quickly was able to build a routine where it was part of her schedule, even though she was so busy. She started to actually enjoy her workouts and look forward to them. The feeling of getting strong and seeing results was very motivating for her!

We worked hard to discuss how to create new habits that fit her lifestyle to mitigate any feelings of overwhelm. We also took a deep dive into her nutrition on our 1:1 coaching calls. We increased protein and did a moderate calorie deficit, which she was able to maintain even with going out to eat and traveling quite a bit.

Four months later, these are her results. She lost a total of 17 lbs. I’m so proud of her hard work and consistency! These results are incredible and inspiring. We are still working together, and her new goal is to lose another 10 lbs and continue getting stronger.

The Results

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new confidence gained and 17ibs lost